5 More e-mail accounts
5 More e-mail accounts
Add 5 more email addresses 16.99 € Includes:
  • Add up to five more email addresses to your hosting
  • You can request new email activations addresses within one year of purchasing this package
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Artist/Musician Web Hosting 3.99€/month
Artist/Musician Web Hosting 3.99€/month
Hosting for the signed artists, small record labels; small regular events, not for profit radio, video channels etc 3.99€/month  /// 47.88/year  
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Entrepreneur Web Hosting  5.99€/month
Entrepreneur Web Hosting 5.99€/month
Hosting for the medium record labels, art galleries, festivals, shops, medium to large regular events etc  5.99€/month  ///71.88/year  
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