Web Hosting and Design for the Independent Creatives Worldwide

Art Hosting is a high quality and affordable web hosting and design for the independent creatives worldwide.  Our mission is to serve our community by providing dependable, affordable and easy tools for your digital presence.

Web Hosting:

Are you looking for super affordable and high quality web hosting? We are here to help.  We work with one of the worldwide top providers for the back end Dreamhost with 1.5 million + websites hosted, 100% uptime guarantee, support 24/7/365.  Art Hosting  gives you everything Dreamhost does but at a cheaper price ! We are able to lower the prices because we get a group deal and all our members benefit. Get your hosting Here or if you need more info on whats available get it Here . If you need to host multiple websites you can also get your hosting directly from Dreamhost, click on a DreamHost logo for a 50$ discount 

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Guide – How to Set up Your Website


Do you need help transferring or setting up your website or assistance with web design, or website upkeep? We are happy to help you.  You can find more info about those services on our web design section.

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Art Hosting Features:

How Much will it cost? 
With us your website costs are at an absolute minimum. Our hosting plans starts at just 1.99 a month. There is no set up or hidden fees.

Unlimited Storage + Unlimited Bandwidth + No Setup Fee.

Word Press one click install ready. We can install Word Press or you can do it with just one click.

We will automatically upgrade your site to the latest version of WordPress as it is released.

We offer data safety. All hosted websites will be automatically backed up on a daily basis.  SSL Certificate Included at no additional cost.

Auto-Scaling RAM.

 Super Fast  
Hosted on new Solid State Drives(SSDs) servers with faster caching, your website will be faster. Solid state drives (SSDs) = website will load 200% faster.

We’ve fine-tuned our Memcached settings which results in faster load times, and fewer requests to the MySQL database. This means you can have more simultaneous visitors on your site.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Need more Help?  E-mail us at go@arthosting.org