1. Get a Domain
    First step in setting up any website is getting a domain name (name for your website). If you don’t already have one you can purchase it  from any online seller. Prices range depending on the extension you chose but should be on average about 10 – 20/year. Always buy your own domain name, this will insure that you own it. We will never buy the domain for you so you can maintain full  control and ownership over your own website. 
  2. Get Hosting
    Next Step is to choose your hosting. Order one of the plans HERE.
  3. Contact Us
    E-mail us at go@arthosting.org and let us know your domain information, we will set up hosting for your website and preinstall WordPress right away.
  4. Website Design/ Set Up Now you are ready to design and publish  your site. It is that quick and easy!  Need help with website set up or design? Check out our DESIGN SECTION.
 If you would prefer to get a more comprehensive plan with multiple domains you are welcome to purchase hosting directly from our partner dh_logo-a-2014 Follow the banner and you will get 50 dollars off your first year hosting plan.